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What Is Augmented Reality Image Recognition?

Augmented reality (AR) image recognition uses an AR app where learners scan real-world 2D images and overlay 2D video, text, pictures, or 3D objects on it. Through marker-based AR technology, AR image recognition detects a marker in the real world (e.g. a poster or QR code) and places preloaded digital content on top of it. 

AR image recognition is one of three AR technologies that can be used alone or together as part of an AR training program

To activate AR image recognition, learners simply use their mobile device or tablet to scan a static marker in the real world, then the AR application recognizes and attaches digital elements to it (e.g. informational text boxes or videos).

Benefits Of Augmented Reality Image Recognition

  • Ability to update content digitally — Developers can update content digitally through an extended reality system (XRS) on an as-needed basis. 
  • Increased mobility for learners — Throughout their learning activities, learners can freely move around their environment with their device and approach images from different angles. 
  • Repeatable activities — AR image-based learning is highly repeatable, so learners can easily refer back to their learning activity at any time to reinforce their understanding. 

Examples Of Augmented Reality Image Recognition For Training

Onboard New Employees Through An Interactive Scavenger Hunt

Create a memorable onboarding experience for recent hires by sending them on an interactive scavenger hunt that uses AR image recognition technology. Learners use their mobile device or tablet to scan a poster on a wall in front of them. Once scanned, the AR application will overlay digital text, images, and videos onto the poster. 

These digital onboarding materials may include:

  • Interactive digital posters that display information about the organization’s founding
  • Videos that introduce new hires to key leadership members
  • A map of their new work environment that displays where key areas of the business are located

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Create Engaging Digital Newsletters For Teams

Use AR image recognition to actively engage your employees with interactive digital newsletters. After opening the newsletter over email, learners simply scan their screen and view overlaid videos that contain key information, including:

  • Updates from leadership about current health and safety protocols
  • An interview with the employee of the month
  • An overview of quarterly goals and key projects
  • A video tour of a newly opened location

AR image recognition takes an otherwise unengaging, one-dimensional digital newsletter and elevates it through these custom pop-up videos.

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