Improving Patient Care

2020 CLO Learning in Practice – Excellence in Blended Learning

Aspen Dental Management, Inc. Enhances Patient Care with Dental Implants Blended Learning Program

Training program provides professionals with an interactive education on dental implant patient care through eLearning, ILT, VR and VILT.

Keeping Up With Patient Requests

Aspen Dental practices believe in providing comprehensive care that addresses both short- and long-term dental care needs, and promise to provide an honest, judgment-free environment where it all comes down to great care. Each Aspen Dental-branded practice is independently owned and operated by a licensed dentist. Aspen Dental Management, Inc. (ADMI) provides administrative and business (non-clinical) support services to Aspen Dental-branded dental practices. 

In 2019, with growing popularity and interest in dental implants from doctors and patients, ADMI’s clinical support team identified the need to provide education on dental implants to more Aspen Dental offices with the goal of offering treatment solutions that they believe are best for patients. 

ADMI needed a streamlined, highly-interactive, and scalable training program on the entire implants process, from understanding how to track an order to implant restorative training for doctors. 

An Award-Winning Blended Approach

The ADMI Learning and Development (L&D) Team and subject-matter experts (SMEs) partnered with learning and technology experts at Roundtable Learning to create a custom-blended learning program for doctors and office personnel of Aspen Dental practices. Launched in January 2020, the implant education program utilized instructor-led training (ILT), eLearning, and 360° VR. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, ADMI adapted the ILT portions to virtual instructor-led training (VILT). 

The program kicked off with a comprehensive train-the-trainer (TTT) program attended by regional managers and directors. For these sessions, Roundtable developed participant and facilitator guides, a PowerPoint deck, and directions on how to use the VR equipment. Through the two-day ILT sessions, regional managers and directors learned about the dental implants process and why it’s an important treatment option for patients, as well as their offices’ training plan and timeline. After completing the ILT, regional managers and directors shared the training plan with their teams and kicked off the program at their regional Aspen Dental-branded offices. 

The next phase of the training program was delivered through six eLearning courses and interactive 360° VR to all office staff, including dental assistants, lab technicians, dental hygienists, and doctors. The eLearning courses were hosted on ADMI’s existing learning management system (LMS). The 360° VR portions of the program were hosted on Mercury Extended Reality System (XRS). This ensured the training was scalable and could be accessed through a web-based platform. 

Enhanced Customer Care

Having measured doctor confidence pre- and post-training on a scale of one to ten, doctors scoring 9 or 10 out of ten increased by 34 percentage points and no one scored below 6. Increased doctor confidence resulted in significantly more patients having access to implant treatments, as trained offices offered the treatment 50% more than offices not yet trained. 

ADMI and its implants education program received two awards: the Brandon Hall Group Excellence in Learning Gold Award for Best Use of a Blended Learning Program and Chief Learning Officer Magazine’s Learning in Practice Bronze Award for Excellence in Blended Learning. These awards recognize the successful partnership between ADMI and Roundtable for its deployment of multiple modalities that achieved measurable results, as well as excellence in the design and delivery of the workforce L&D program. 

Overall, since the implementation of the dental implants blended learning program, Aspen Dental offices and field staff have felt more confident consulting patients on the dental implants procedure. ADMI plans to continue to grow their dental implants treatment program so that more Aspen Dental offices can offer the treatment solution to their patients. The custom-blended learning program continues to align with ADMI’s learning needs, ensuring top-tier patient care and successful results, one smile at a time.

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