Workplace Violence Training To Keep Everyone Safe


According to SHRM, 48% of surveyed HR professionals said their organization had at some point experienced workplace violence.

Whether you're worried about disgruntled employees or external threats, keeping your employees safe should always be top of mind - from operations, policies, and training.

OSHA reports an average of nearly 2 million U.S. workers have been victims of violence at work each year. With a new normal upon us, it's important to prepare for any situation that can happen within your workplace.

At Roundtable, we work with you to develop comprehensive training that will prepare your employees to make safe decisions that align with your organizational policies to keep everyone safe.

Custom Content For Workplace Violence Training Topics

Active Shooter

Ensure That Employees Understand When To Run, Hide, Or Fight

Do your employees know what to do if there were an active shooter at your organization? Training for Run, Hide, or Fight can keep everyone safe until first-responders arrive.

Armed Robbery

Train Employees To Make Safe Decisions During Armed Robbery Scenarios

A robbery is a frightening experience, it's important to train regularly so that your employees follow the proper protocols to keep themselves and coworkers safe.

Irate Customers

Teach Your Employees To De-escalate Tense Customer Confrontations

Customer service can be tough, your employees are on the frontline to help angry or irate customers. Immersive training can help them practice deescalation tactics.

What Can Immersive Workplace Violence Training Do For You?

Take your first step towards the future of learning and start designing your Workplace Violence training program today!


Introduce your hire to the organization.


Teach your new hire about their role.


Bring your new hire up to full productivity.


Continue long-term career development.

Immerse Your Employees With Blended Learning

Our instructional design experts consult you to create custom blended learning solutions that engage learners, boost knowledge retention, and drive measurable business results.

To address your unique business challenges, our team works with your managers and learning professionals to develop learning objectives specific to your training needs. Then, we create everything you need to conduct consistent training experiences, no matter the facilitator or location.

Accomplish Your Workplace Violence Training Goals

Together, we will prepare your employees to stay safe during any workplace violence scenario. With immersive learning, you have help learners make the right choice in high-stress situations so they are prepared in real life.

All organizations should have workplace violence safety top-of-mind - whether you're a customer-facing retail store or not. One of the best protections employers can offer their workers is to establish a zero-tolerance policy toward workplace violence. In addition to policies, training can be the difference between a fatal or non-fatal incident.

From de-escalation tactics to violence prevention, with a blended training program, you can build a resilient workforce that will be able to identify, assess, and react to potentially dangerous situations to keep everyone safe.

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