Getting to Know Roundtable: Jeff Suchan

This week, we sat down with Roundtable’s Jeff Suchan to talk about his role, Learning & Development, and industry trends he finds interesting. 



What does your title mean? What do you do for Roundtable?

As an Account Executive, I build relationships with clients by providing new ideas to solve current business challenges, share industry trends, and be a sound-board for future planning.


How did you get into L&D?

Once I saw the results from L&D programs such as an increase in sales, reduction in safety incidents, shorter time to productivity, and more. I wanted to get involved. I never realized how big of an impact L&D has on an entire organization.


What is a trend in L&D that’s exciting to you?

The use of Extended Reality. These technologies have only been leveraged in the L&D space for the past few years and are already yielding amazing results. As the use cases continue to grow and more companies apply these modalities to their training programs, these technologies will be beyond impactful.


What would you say is the most important part of building a training program?

The most important part of building a training program is understanding your audience. With there being a multitude of ways training programs can be designed (eLearning, ILT/vILT, Video Learning, AR/VR, etc.), knowing how your audience learns best is essential.


Finish the sentence. Learning is essential to an organization because…

… it impacts the bottom line. A properly trained employee or team can be 15-20% more productive.


What is something you have done in this role this year that you are proud of?

Helped organizations tackle the challenges that were presented by Covid-19. It’s been fulfilling to help our clients reach their employees from a remote standpoint. Whether it be developing a vILT program or introducing them to the Immersive Realities of AR, VR, or 360° VR, tackling challenges that have never been presented before has been enjoyable.


What are some interesting facts about you?

  1. I have a bucket list item to attend an MLB game at all 30 stadiums. As of this year I’ve been to 8/30.
  2. I binge watched the entire Game of Thrones series within a 2 week period (maybe more than once)


Check out Jeff’s eLearning video below where he explains everything you need to know about eLearning, as well as the different types of applications and styles for corporate training and onboarding.