How to make eLearning more learner-centric

As learning professionals, we need to focus on the learners and make sure our eLearning is learner-centric. Why? For starters, it’s the timely thing to do.

Across the tech landscape, developers are using design thinking to increase usability and make intuitive tools for users; transferring that trend to eLearning is the logical move.

Second, learner-centric eLearning improves outcomes. When we create learner-centric solutions, we take away barriers to learning.

Not sure where to go from here? No problem. Here are some ways to make your eLearning more learner-centric.

1. Focus on solving problems.

Don’t just disseminate information; solve a problem! What do you want the learners to be able to do after taking the training? How should it change the way they work?

2. Evaluate the learning objectives.

Be clear and upfront about what the learners should get out of the learning. There is no reason to beat around the bush. Make sure learning objectives are measurable, so there is a way to evaluate whether the learning is effective.

3. Walk a day in the learners’ shoes.

Once a performance gap is identified, make sure you fully understand what elements are creating it. Learn what the job is like for the learners and consider doing a needs analysis to determine the root causes of any performance gaps. You may find that learners share frustrations with the work process or the work environment, an insight that allows you to focus on solving those issues.

4. Remove barriers to learning.

At a minimum, training should always be ADA compliant. Go beyond that by researching what has not worked in past trainings and why. Fully evaluate prior attempts at learning, find the pain points in the process, and solve them.

5. Keep learning engaging and applicable.

Learning should always be able to be applied immediately, whether via controlled scenarios or real on-the-job challenges. Make your learners think and do.

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