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If you build it, they (may not) come 

How to drive traffic to your learning management system

You went through all the steps to put your LMS in place. You performed a needs assessment, researched solutions, sat through demos and calls, presented your research, selected an LMS, and implemented the new system. 

Now, how do you get your learners to use it? Maybe you’ve learned the hard way that the old motto, “if you build it they will come,” doesn’t really apply to learning management systems. Driving people to a solution that requires their time and attention can be incredibly challenging if you don’t have a marketing strategy in place. 

Ideally, you can work with your LMS vendor to map out a marketing strategy for unveiling your new LMS and bringing learners to the platform. We consult with clients to ensure that LMS usage is part of the design, function, and implementation of each LMS. However, if you find yourself on an island with an expensive solution and no clear return on your investment, here are a few tips to draw learners to your LMS. 

1. Value, Value, Value 

The core of any marketing strategy is the value of your solution. Understanding the “What’s in it for Me,” or WIIFM, philosophy of your learners will help you to position your new LMS as a tool that will bring value to their lives. So, ask the question: what’s in it for your learners? You chose your new LMS because you knew it would add value to your company – but what about for your employees? 

Does the LMS prescribe content that will help learners map out their career paths? Are they able to take learning on-the-go to job sites and meetings? Can they compete with their colleagues for badges and high scores? Talk to your LMS vendor about the true value of your LMS and how you can communicate it to your learners. 

2. Develop a Communication Campaign 

Ideally, you should begin communicating the value of your new LMS to learners before the solution is even implemented. Begin by telling learners what’s coming. When possible, tell learners why you chose a new LMS, and highlight its benefits. 

Then, create a series of motivating emails and communications to ensure your learners know when the LMS will roll out and how they can register. Again, try to tie these communications back to value. Note in the emails that learners can receive certificates and other incentives by using the resources in the LMS. 

3. Offer Incentives

Many marketing strategies and campaigns include incentivizing the target market. Traditionally, this is done through contests, discounts, and promotions. Your LMS marketing strategy should also include incentives to bring learners to your LMS. Consider a giveaway for the first 20 employees who login to your LMS, or a drawing for a PTO day. You can also incentivize completing courses with certificates and badges that can be shared on social media. 

Those are only a few marketing tips for bringing learners to your LMS. If you have a marketing team, bring them into the LMS conversation so that they can work with your vendor to develop a communication strategy. We’re also happy to consult with you on how to spread the word about your new LMS. Call us, today, to learn more about our LMS and about marketing new learning management systems.  

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