Getting To Know Roundtable: Libby Kohan Employee Spotlight

This week, we sat down with Roundtable’s Libby Kohan to talk about her role, learning & development (L&D), and industry trends she finds interesting. 


-What does your title mean? What do you do for Roundtable?

As a Graphic Designer, I am the creative lens when it comes to projects that I am involved with. I am challenged to develop projects that are cutting edge, yet function well from a systems perspective. I also created the Mercury XRS logo and visual brand identity as well as updated the look and feel of our corporate logo.


-How did you get into graphic design/L&D?

I studied Visual Communication Design and Fine Art in college, and I intended my career trajectory to be focused on Visual Design. Landing in the L&D field was something that I stumbled into and I didn’t know much about the industry. I loved the people at Roundtable and the culture, but the industry is something I’ve learned while on the job. Now I see how much of a necessity L&D training is for organizations. 


-What is a trend in graphic design/L&D that’s exciting to you?

In Graphic Design, specifically in advertising and marketing, I think that a lot of waste and excess can be generated with so many mailers and print ads going around. It’s exciting to see the new generation of designers pushing for sustainability and solutions to manage and hopefully, one day, end the excess. In L&D, it’s so great to be on the front line of pioneering digital approaches because our clients value innovative and outside-the-box thinking.


-What would you say is the most important part of building a training program?

I think it’s important to keep scalability in mind. A lot of training programs we create are for satisfied clients who come back for more. Therefore, it’s crucial to think of the training program as a system where it can be built upon and scaled upward, yet also perform on its own.


-Finish the sentence. Learning is essential to an organization because…

… it’s never-ending. Learning is constant and ever-evolving. 


-What is something you have done in this role that you are proud of?

This role has challenged me in so many ways and lifted me out of my comfort zone at times. Working in a small company, you have to be sharp and dynamic, and with that comes the wearing of many hats. I am proud to have become a skilled animator, efficient designer, and reliable teammate – which has led to satisfied clients who continue to do business with us. 


-What are some interesting facts about you?

I performed stand up comedy in college and entertained the idea of making that my career for a while – though I must say, it’s much easier to make people laugh on a Zoom call than driving an 8 hour round trip for an open mic with an audience of 5 people and a heckler. Also, getting paid in money instead of drink vouchers is nice 🙂


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