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XR’s best Learning Intelligence System 

Visualize the metrics of your XR training program with online dashboards. Mercury XRS generates the data and analytics you need to calculate your ROI, KPIs, and performance metrics with ease.


Deliver training by user and location. Assign and track XR training to any device or user across the globe.

VR Data Collation

Custom dashboards give users access to detailed analytics on user interactions, body ergonomics, error rates, and more!


Make extended reality attainable to all of your employees. Deliver consistent and repeatable training activities to scale.


Keep your learning paths intact by connecting Mercury XRS to any LMS platform for seamless training management across all learning modalities.

Discover your training impact through measurable business results and calculate your ROI with ease. Mercury XRS gives you the power of providing a high-quality, consistent training experience to your employees.

frequently asked questions

Mercury XRS currently supports virtual reality and augmented reality training material.

Not sure which is right for you? Read: AR vs VR – Which is Right for You?

With the use of xAPI or AICC communication technology, Mercury XRS can connect to your LMS platform – keeping your learning paths intact. Your LMS provider will have to help configure the integration with our team.

If you have VR training content developed with Unity, there are capabilities to integrate your existing material into the Mercury XRS platform through minor code changes. This is dependant on an evaluation of VR content files.

Mercury XRS is sold by licensing per headset depending on the number of locations with a baseline fee for the online account. Contact our team to get your quote.

Currently, Mercury is compatible with the Oculus Go, Oculus Quest, and Pico Neo 2. If you have a different headset in mind for your training program, our team will work on compatibility options for you.


Whether you want to meet in-person or virtually, our team will show you how immersive learning will transform how you train your employees.

Vince Radisek
Account Executive