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Off The Shelf
Pre-Built VR Training Content

Experience the ultimate convenience of VR training with our off-the-shelf (OTS) content, designed to kickstart your training program seamlessly. OTS empowers you to efficiently impart essential warehouse principles to your employees, saving both time and resources.

With our readily available VR solutions, your team will embark on captivating immersive learning experiences, cultivating a positive work environment and amplifying talent retention and attraction.  

Warehouse Overview

Learners familiarize themselves with a realistic preview of typical warehouse layouts and processes.

Safe Lifting Practices

Learners will practice safe lifting practices in a risk-free, virtual environment.

Pallet Stacking

Learners optimize pallet stacking to ensure maximum stability and efficiency.

Locating Product

Learners react to picking requests and navigate the warehouse environment to locate and retrieve products.

End of Trip Pallet Wrap

Learners practice application of industrial plastic wrap to secure pallets before adding appropriate labels.

Truck Loading

Learners enhance their ability to load a truck with boxes in a safe and efficient manner.


Learners will perfect the process of receiving an order and cataloging a new pallet of goods.

Driving Simulator
Forklift Operations
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