Partnering With Roundtable Learning

Your employees are the heart and soul of your organization, which is why their development matters.

At Roundtable, we work with your learning team and subject-matter experts throughout the entire development of your custom training, maintaining full transparency and agility every step of the way.

From an initial discovery period to delivering the final version of your training, we collaborate with you to find the optimal training solution that meets your learners’ needs.


Your training project starts with an introduction to Roundtable Learning and our team of experts.

To ensure we are the best partner for your organization, we walk you through our products, services, and processes, then explore how our team can meet your training needs.

During this time, you can browse through information on our website, live chat with our experts, and explore our resource center for all things L&D.

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Once you get to know our team, it's time for us to get to know your team and training project.

The Roundtable client solutions team consults with you to identify current performance gaps, learning objectives, and the timeline of your training program. 

During this time, there is an initial discovery call to learn about your project, then our experts deliver a statement of work.

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Once the scope of the project is laid out, we are ready to get started on your training content!

During this stage, we set the framework for a successful project through clear expectations and constant communication regarding the program’s workflow, timeline, and management. 

Your organization can expect:

  • An official program kickoff call
  • A high-level overview of the project management process
  • A request for all materials relevant to the project (existing training, process workflows, reference images, brand standards, etc.)
  • An interactive project management portal to stay up to date on the project's progress


Once the framework of the project is completed, our team gets to work building your training program.

This is a pivotal stage where custom content creation begins - whether it’s eLearning, instructor-led training, or extended reality.

During the execution stage, clients can expect to have regularly scheduled meetings arranged with the Roundtable team for consistent updates on the project’s progress and key milestones. 

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After the development of the program is complete, all of the files and assets are handed over for a final project sign-off. 

During this time, both organizations check the quality of the training program and potentially launch a pilot program.

At the end of the project, your organization will receive the project in its final form and have the opportunity to follow up with the Roundtable team for any potential next steps.

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Continued Support

Once the project is finalized, the Roundtable team remains available for continued project support and guidance. 

Clients can expect consistent guidance and encouragement from the Roundtable team to ensure their training needs are achieved. 

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Send Us A Note

Have more questions? Ready to get started?

Send us a note and we will get you on the schedule with our learning and technology experts right away!

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