4 Ways A Marketing Team Can Help L&D Efforts

Marketing and L&D are typically thought of as separate entities, but they have more in common than you may think.

Marketing and L&D industries share the same goal: to influence how others think and behave and help an organization reach its goals. L&D teams need to leverage the tools that marketing professionals use to make their content more memorable, engaging, and successful. L&D teams are responsible for adopting new strategies to enable and support learning initiatives. Nowadays, L&D is meant to update traditional training practices, react to the changing needs of learners, and help an organization reach its goals.

By marketing and sharing the critical work that L&D has, organizations can emphasize the vital role that L&D has regarding training, performance, and results. This increases the credibility of L&D internally at your organization, as well as externally to people outside of it.

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