Infographic – How To Sanitize VR Equipment The Right Way

Fungi are no fun guys, especially if on your virtual reality (VR) equipment. Given the communal usage of VR, along with the closeness of it to your face and skin, outbreaks and infection can easily occur if your equipment isn’t properly sanitized. Part of the set up and management of your VR training program is properly taking care of your equipment by sanitizing often.

Sanitizing your VR headsets and controllers is vital in keeping your learners safe. It also keeps your system working properly and extends its lifespan. Now more than ever, it’s imperative that your VR equipment is consistently sanitized to ensure that your learners are protected from viruses, bacteria, and fungi.

Before you tell your learners to throw on their headsets and grab their controllers, you may want to learn how to sanitize your VR equipment.

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