Roundtable awarded gold for video learning

Roundtable Learning received a Gold Award in the Educational category of the Spring 2019 Omni Awards for video learning.

Our entry, “Enhanced Performance through Simulated Video Training” covered our blended learning approach to creating multiple videos, eLearning modules, and a virtual reality experience for Superior Beverage.

The Omni Awards exist to recognize outstanding achievements in film/video, web and mobile media. The Awards’ rigorous judging process brings together a wide variety of talented professionals working for highly respected companies. The committee uses a panel of three peer professionals who independently judge entries on category-based criteria.

“Companies represented by the awards committee include the Olympic organization committee, CNN, NBC, ABC, PBS, US Army, Cartoon Network, Disney, Associated Press, and Sodium Entertainment, among many others”, according to the program.

About the project

When Superior Beverage made the wise investment to implement Vertique, a fully-automated warehouse solution, Superior saw the production increases it expected. Yet there was still room for improvement. If Superior could train their associates to master Vertique, its efficiency could skyrocket to unprecedented levels. The biggest opportunity Superior identified to maximize productivity with this new investment was training their associates accurately, efficiently and economically.

The sheer size of the operation, which blends software with complex machinery, required a comprehensive solution that traditional training couldn’t provide. Without effective training, Superior would not be able to escalate efficiency levels, which would result in worker retention and safety issues. The company wanted a new approach, one that would take associates from simply running Vertique to maximizing Vertique.

So, Superior partnered with Roundtable Learning to create a series of nine training videos, which developed into a measurable, award-winning eLearning program — and a custom VR component to boot.

With its warehouse associates properly trained, Superior reached new heights. Those include a 33 percent reduction in time from training to productive floor work; a 12.5 percent reduction in training cost; a 10 percent increase in total pallets produced; and a 50 percent decrease in workers’ compensation claims.

Those are the kind of results that award-winning learning experiences can generate. Those are the results you can expect from a partnership with Roundtable.