Roundtable Learning Opens VR Lounge

The team at Roundtable Learning would like to share some exciting news! Our very own Virtual Reality Lounge is officially open for business!

This first-of-it’s-kind VR Lounge is a place where employees, clients, and guests can experience virtual reality for the first time, test the latest hardware, or demo their own project. Current and prospective clients can test out a multitude of immersive technology options and work with the Roundtable team to help design their perfect training program.

  • Our VR Lounge has many unique features, including:
  • An immersive technology hub that houses the latest VR and AR hardware
  • Workspaces for guests to step away and answer emails or catch up on daily work
  • Collaboration spaces outfitted with lounge chairs, full-sized whiteboard walls, and meeting areas
  • A working VR Lab next door for multi-user experiences

Immersive technologies, including AR and VR, are revolutionizing the training space for organizations and address a wide variety of training topics from new employee onboarding to safety training and soft skills development. Whether you’re experienced with this technology or you’re using it for the first time, our team is here to show you its limitless potential to transform corporate training.

We’d like to invite you to come visit our VR Lounge and experience these innovative learning technologies for yourself. Our team of experts will walk you through immersive training technologies and help you determine the perfect modality for your training program.

Plan your visit today:

You can virtually visit our VR Lounge with the 360º video below: