Roundtable Learning Talks Manufacturing Training, Virtual Reality, And Entrepreneurship On Recent Podcasts

Tune in during your holiday travels to hear Roundtable Learning leaders talk about industry insights and entrepreneurship on recently released podcasts.

The leaders at Roundtable Learning have been featured on three podcasts covering topics from the cost of VR training and implementing VR training for manufacturing, to the roots of  Roundtable Learning!

Whether you need something to listen to coming home from your holiday travels or at your desk while catching up on email – we have the podcasts for you!



Manufacturing Tomorrow

Manufacturing Tomorrow, by the Ohio Manufacturing Institute at The Ohio State University, features information about advanced manufacturing innovations, solutions, and partnerships that exist in the Ohio region that will propel the industry in the future.

Nick Day talks to host Kathryn Kelley about how manufacturing organizations are adopting VR to evolve their training programs to create consistency, decrease training time, and reduce accidents. They discuss real-life use cases of VR being used for technical skill training along with soft skill development.

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Lay Of The Land

Lay Of The Land features Cleveland’s own to tell their stories of entrepreneurship. Every week, host Jeffrey Stern learns what makes Cleveland special by mapping the Cleveland business ecosystem, and talking to founders, investors, and community builders. 

Robert Baskette talks to host Jeffrey Stern about the foundation of Roundtable Learning and the journey to reach where we are now as an organization. Then, they look into the future of extended reality and Roundtable Learning’s aspirations to help drive organizations forward through corporate training.

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Manufacturing Talk Radio

Manufacturing Talk Radio, by Jacket Media Co., covers breaking news, business trends, and economic forecasts in manufacturing for small, medium, and large manufacturers across the globe.

Scott Stachiw talks to hosts Lew Weiss and Tim Grady about the cost of VR, how manufacturing organizations can implement VR training into their training program, and the future of VR.

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