Learning Strategy and Measurement

Evaluate and Evolve Your Learning Strategy

Every business challenge requires a unique, forward-thinking approach.

Through an in-depth needs assessment, we can find the root cause of your business challenges. Is it training? What about new onboarding techniques or changes to the work environment?

Instead of spending your limited time trying to hatch a strategy on your own, you could partner with an external learning team that has strategized for 20-plus years.

Whether you seek minor tweaks or entirely new approaches, we’ll shape your learning strategy into a results-driven one that supports your learners in the present and future.

By clearly identifying your challenges and their causes, we can help you implement informed, measurable learning initiatives that spur real performance improvements.


Strategic Solutions

Give your workforce what it needs to be successful. That might be training, or that might be enhancements to the environment. The first step to strategizing is to know exactly the challenges your workers face and why they exist. We’re equipped to conduct an in-depth needs analysis including interviews, ride-alongs and shadowing, program analysis, and more.

Get expert advice. We’ll consult with you to build an impactful, need-based strategy, and we’ll introduce evaluation tactics that yield meaningful, actionable data.

Prove the value of your new learning strategy. Through our ROI calculation, you can gain quantitative and qualitative data about all your learning initiatives. We’ll work with you to understand your current measurement objectives, justify training, set benchmarks, and record progress.

Let’s work together to build a strategy that works for your organization.

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