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VR training simulates any world you can imagine, enabling your learners to encounter true-to-life scenarios without facing real-world risk.

Our custom, technology-focused learning solutions improve employee performance and elevate your organization. We work with you to build experiences that meet your training needs and immerse your workforce in scenarios they’ll face on the job.

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Best practices for incorporating VR into your existing soft skills training

How can organizations start using immersive technology to teach soft skills without completely overhauling their existing curriculum and strategy?

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VR Training Solutions

6DoF, or six degrees of freedom, allows a person with a headset to move freely and organically within a virtual environment. Learners can observe and walk or move around objects placed in the environment just like they would if those objects were real. 6DoF VR can benefit any company, regardless of industry.

3DoF, or three degrees of freedom, is well suited for seated or stationary environments as the position of learners’ viewpoint is fixed. Learners can interact with the environment via gaze control or a laser pointer controller. 3DoF VR experiences are easily scalable to PC and are often used for soft skills and branched learning.

Soft Skills Training

By immersing learners in a first-person perspective of real-life situations, they will get a realistic sense of what that situation is like and learn how to make critical decisions. VR training for soft skills eliminates environmental stressors, allowing participants to focus on the situation and to act without pressure or external influence. Immerse learners in scenarios that challenge and improve their empathy, emotional intelligence, critical thinking, and communication.

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Technical Skills Training

When you need to teach someone how to put together the driveshaft assembly of a tractor or how to load a delivery truck or properly stack an end-cap, you need the learner to physically interact with the virtual world. With fully immersive VR training, users can move and interact with objects freely, simulating their day-to-day work environment. VR simulates any world you can imagine, enabling your learners to encounter true-to-life scenarios without facing real-world risk. Develop a shared experience for your remote team, let learners interact with virtual scenarios and hazards, and provide a safe space to practice technical and hands-on work.

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Leadership Training

Virtual Reality leadership training allows leaders to physically experience a situation they might have to address in the real-world workplace. The nature of the VR environment allows for the learner to practice elements such as noticing and addressing non-verbal communication, sharpening emotional intelligence, and effective verbal communication in a risk-free environment. Immersive reality leadership training allows leaders to face a situation before it actually happens and equips them with the necessary methods and experience to make informed decisions when a similar situation arises.

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About Roundtable

At Roundtable, we design technology-focused training solutions that will engage your workforce, produce measurable business results, and take your organization into the future of learning.  As your trusted learning partner, we’ll work with you to understand your learning needs and develop custom training programs using a blend of modalities including AR, VR, eLearning, Video, and ILT.

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2020 Brandon Hall Group Gold- Best Use of Blended Learning

2020 Training Industry Watch List – Custom Content Development

2020 Most Promising AV/VR Tech Solution Provider

2020 Training Industry Watchlist – Training Outsourcing

2019 Brandon Hall Group Bronze- Best Advance in Augmented and Virtual Reality

2019 Brandon Hall Group Bronze- Best Advance in Custom Content

2019 Omni Awards – Video Training

2019 Training Industry Watchlist – Training Outsourcing

2018 Brandon Hall Group Silver – Best Use of Video

2018 eLearning Industry – High Value eLearning Content Providers

2018 Training Industry Watchlist – Learning Portal/LMS

2018 Training Industry Watchlist – Content Development

2018 Training Industry Watchlist – Training Outsourcing

2019 Craig Weiss Group – Top 50 LMS

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