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Virtual Reality Training

VR Training for Workforce Development 

We learn best by doing. VR training amplifies engagement with a fully immersive,
learning experience that prepares and empowers learners to perform real-world roles with data to support it. 

improvement in spatial learning and memory recall
safer working conditions
decrease in time to complete tasks
reduction in training time


Look past the training manual and transform the world around you. 

What is Virtual Reality Training?

Virtual Reality (VR) is an artificial environment that delivers a fully immersive experience. Wearing a VR headset can transport users to new locations where they can look around themselves, physically approach computer-generated objects, and interact with items and people.

VR has two options: 3DoF or 6DoF.

Six Degrees of Freedom

Full VR allows a person with a headset to move freely within a virtual environment. Learners can move forward and backward, up and down, and right and left while observing and interacting with objects placed in the environment, just like they would if those objects were real.

Three Degrees of Freedom

360 VR is well-suited for seated or stationary environments, as the position of your learners’ viewpoint is fixed. Learners can look left and right, up and down, and pivot left and right while interacting with the environment via gaze control or with a laser pointer controller.

Custom Content VS. Off-The-Shelf Content

While custom training gives your organization more control over your program, off-the-shelf may be the better fit for your foundational training needs. As a trusted training program provider, our team at Roundtable Learning understands the process of deciding between custom vs. off-the-shelf training. We partner with organizations across all industries to determine the best solution for their training needs. 

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Custom VR

Create your own virtual world to test your teams' knowledge in a safe, risk-free environment for the ultimate learning engagement.

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Off The Shelf

Convenient, ready-made training programs that allow you to effectively teach any employee the fundamentals.

How Much Does VR Training Cost?

Now, more than ever, virtual reality has been realized as a cost-effective training strategy. VR saves organizations long-term costs by accelerating onboarding, reducing turnover, improving performance, and minimizing safety incidents.

With any custom learning and development work, there is no set price for custom virtual reality training content. However, customized 360 virtual reality training materials can cost from 20,000 to 75,000 or more.  Customized, full virtual reality content can cost from 50,000 up to 150,000 or more.

As we discover solutions for your needs, there are several factors to consider when determining cost of VR training.

Manage Your VR Content

Investing in training is no small feat. At Roundtable Learning, we can help you manage your content and report results with ease.

Mercury Extended Reality System is a one-of-a-kind extended reality (XR) training content management system. Assign and track your training activities worldwide. Mercury helps unleash the full potential of your extended reality training with effortless management, delivery, and reporting on one web-based platform.

Mercury XRS provides a 360º view of what your training content is doing for your employees and business. Mercury ensures flexibility, provides real-time metrics, and propels your business ROI.

Work with our VR Training Experts

Virtual Reality is a simulated experience inspired by your imagination. Develop shared experiences for remote teams, empower learners to interact with virtual scenarios, and provide a safe space to practice technical, hands-on work.

As a full-service learning provider, Roundtable Learning partners with organizations to build smart and effective training programs that utilize expert instructional design and technology.

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