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Custom eLearning content for WorkForce Development 

We Give Your Learners Flexible Pacing and Engaging Content That Lasts

Bring consistent training to your learners, whether they are across the country or on-site. With custom eLearning from Roundtable, your training content will engage employees through videos, animations, and knowledge checks. At Roundtable Learning, we partner with organizations to build smart and effective training programs that utilize expert instructional design and technology. As a full-service learning partner, we deliver eLearning training content to help your employees reach their learning objectives.

eLearning consists of training content hosted online or through a local network and is commonly managed with a Learning Management System (LMS). Content or eLearning modules can come in a variety of formats.

When you work with eLearning content providers, the possibilities are almost endless to engage your learners:

Custom eLearning is most efficient when part of a great blended learning program that engages learners through multiple modalities and touchpoints. However, eLearning is not a solution for all training topics. This modality may be less effective for topics that require a broader, dynamic environment and hands-on practice – for those topics, we recommend a virtual reality modality.

Operations Training

Machine Operation, Logistics, Point-of-sale transactions

Safety Training

Protocol and safe handling of delicate equipment or materials.

Product Knowledge Training

Retail Associates, Sales and Customer Service 


Introducing new hires to company culture and preparing for the workplace.

Show, Try, Test
Learning Reinforcement With Show, Try, Test eLearning

Give your learners the ability to learn and practice learning objectives with the Show, Try, Test eLearning trend. 

This approach effectively reinforces learning content by allowing participants to watch and then practice learning objectives, ensuring they retain key information.

Show, Try, Test eLearning is completely customizable. Recreate websites, software user interfaces, and more. Walk your learners through the steps, allow them to try with prompts, and test their retention.

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