Augmented Reality Training for Workplace Development

Show your employees how to look past the training manual and transform the world around them. With augmented reality solutions, learners can enhance their reality with interactive pictures, text, videos, and digital 3D models by merely tapping on their smartphones or tablets.

At Roundtable Learning, we partner with organizations to build smart and effective training programs that utilize expert instructional design and technology. As a full-service learning partner, we deliver augmented reality training content to help your employees reach their learning objectives.

Advantages Of Augmented Reality For Workplace Training

Safe Experiential Learning

Through virtual hands-on learning, augmented reality training creates an environment without risk of employees damaging any real-world products or equipment. Learners can practice on a virtual machine, so they are prepared to work safely in real life.

Increased Mobility

Since AR technology is accessed through a phone or tablet, that means that it’s mobile-friendly. Load a training program on a phone or tablet so learners can take it around with them. Your AR training content can be used across your building, at multiple locations, or even from home.

Memorable Microlearning

Microlearning — or training that focuses on one definable concept, skill, or process — typically makes knowledge acquisition easier for learners. That’s especially true when microlearning is immensely captivating and self-paced, as is the case with augmented reality solutions.

Can Augmented Reality Train Employees?

AR training is most efficient when it addresses one skill, topic, or process at a time. By enhancing reality with digital elements, you can draw your learners’ attention to exactly what they need to learn.

We develop behavior-changing Augmented Reality Training in areas spanning:

Augmented reality is not the answer for all training programs. AR training may not be as practical for topics that require a broader, dynamic environment to make sense of them, such as soft skills. For such training, you might consider virtual reality or instructor-led training. 

How Much Does Augmented Reality Training Cost?

With any custom learning and development work, it’s going to be challenging to give a set price for augmented reality training content. When you want customized augmented reality training content, it can cost from $25,000 to $50,000 or more depending on the type of interactions, instructional design, and 3D modeling hours required.

Roundtable Learning will work with your training team to evaluate your current training materials and adapt your materials for a virtual audience through activities, scheduling updates, assignments, technology, and facilitator training.

How Augmented Reality Training Works

Augmented reality adds interactive, digital elements to a live, real-world environment through a phone, tablet, or headset.

You can use your device to manipulate the computer-generated objects in a 3D space, seeing everything as if it were in front of you, and more because you can see inside objects or manipulate the object size.

Whether your organization needs to develop technical skills or looking for interactive onboarding activities, there are three types of AR technology to help reach your goals:

AR Image Target


Image Target AR overlays videos, text, images, or 3D objects on a real-world 2D image.

Learners can focus their device on a poster about safety to generate a video about your organization’s safety procedures.

Object Recognition

Object Recognition AR attaches a digital 3D model to a real-world object that learners can pick up and manipulate.

Learners can target a piece of equipment to create a digital model to practice taking apart and reassembling.

Plane Detection

Plane Detection AR places a digital 3D model to a real-world flat surface.

Learners can point their device at the ground in front of them to produce a full-scale model of a large machine that they can walk around, inspect, and practice operating.

Amusement Park Augmented Reality Training

Every year, this national amusement park group prepares for a summer season of thrilling rides, concessions, entertainment, and hundreds of thousands of customers. New employees could learn what buttons to push on the register, but could not experience the stress of a line stretching around the corner or a customer who needed to change his order at the last second.

The park needed a scalable, interactive training program to effectively and efficiently onboard its seasonal team.

Working With The AR Training Experts

No matter your training needs, our instructional designers will work closely with you to understand your audience and clarify your learning objectives. Our 3D modelers and immersive reality experts will take it from there, building custom augmented reality training that engages your learners and elevates employee performance to new heights.

By leveraging existing devices like company tablets and learners’ smartphones, we can work together to develop an augmented reality training program that you can easily scale to accommodate your entire business. Let’s see how augmented reality can revolutionize your job training.

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