Blended Learning for Corporate Training Programs

A common learning and development goal is to create an engaging program. Instructional designers always aim for activity-rich, visually appealing programs to help learners reach their learning objectives.

A blended learning program ensures you’re taking a comprehensive approach to keeping your employees engaged and educated. 

At Roundtable Learning, we partner with organizations to build smart and effective training programs that utilize expert instructional design and technology. As a full-service learning partner, we deliver blended learning content to help your employees reach their learning objectives.

What is Blended Learning?

Blended Learning is a concept that brings together traditional and digital learning techniques to create a fully comprehensive program. It’s the best of both worlds, both synchronous and asynchronous styles and tools that can be combined to create a training program that works for everyone. 

Some popular tools used for personalized learning programs include:

We recommend a blended learning approach from corporate training. You can keep your employees engaged and ensure long-term knowledge retention. Our team on instructional designers and technology experts and recommend the best modality for your training content.

Benefits of Blended Learning in Workplace Training

Blended Learning has become popular with learning and development because people learn differently; some people may want to engage face-to-face with others, while some may want to take their time alone. 

Here are some other benefits to corporate blended learning programs:

  • Convenience for Employees – By utilizing blended learning, you can have your learners complete training tasks on their own, through eLearning or video learning, and cut down the amount of time off the job for training.
  • Increased Engagement – You can entice your learners to engage more in your program by catering to their learning language, a learner that doesn’t want to participate in role-play at a seminar may be comfortable doing online activities to practice.
  • Personalized Learning Opportunities– By incorporating different modalities into a blended program, learning professionals can create more personalized learning opportunities catered to learners’ different needs based on location, department, learning style, or more.

Our instructional design team with help you develop learning objectives to solve your business challenges, then design everything you need to deliver consistent training experiences - no matter the facilitator or location. 

Example of a Blended Learning Program Design

Let's take a look at what a blended learning program would look like.

A blended learning program could start with an eLearning assignment for employees to complete on their own before an assigned deadline. Then the employees meet during an Instructor-Led Training to discuss the topics covered with the eLearning and hear from a subject matter expert.

During that instructor-led training, there can be a Virtual Reality activity that is done in smaller groups with discussions to talk about what the learners experienced during the activity.

When the employees return to their workplaces, they can take home a job aid to keep their learning objectives top of mind.

With a blended learning program, you can leverage the strengths of each form of training — the self-paced control given to learners in eLearning; the powerful social learning inherent in ILT;  and the unparalleled engagement in immersive learning. Such an all-encompassing approach helps to deliver the knowledge retention and behavior change your company seeks.

Roundtable Learning will work with your training team to design a blended learning program that will make the most impact for your learners based on your training material.

Blended Learning In Action With Aspen Dental Management, Inc.

Aspen Dental Management, Inc. needed a streamlined, highly-interactive, and scalable training program on the entire implants process, from understanding how to track an order to implant restorative training for doctors.

Roundtable Learning created a blended learning program for implant education utilizing VILT, eLearning, and 360° VR. 

This blended learning program received two awards: the Brandon Hall Group Excellence in Learning Gold Award for Best Use of a Blended Learning Program and Chief Learning Officer Magazine’s Learning in Practice Bronze Award for Excellence in Blended Learning.

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