Safe, Consistent Processes With Consumer Goods Training


According to reports, E-marketplaces generated 70% of all consumer goods sales growth between 2013 and 2018. While organizations' needs for technical skills are expected to grow by 2030.

The consumer goods industry can be ever-changing to keep up with customer preferences and behaviors. From keeping up with demand to accommodating changing supply chains, your business will rely on your employees' resilience and growing skillsets.

According to Deloitte, consumers are shifting their spending to buying goods and well-positioned consumer goods organizations will be able to meet the needs for the current at-home consumption trend.

At Roundtable, we work with you to develop comprehensive training that addresses not only employee safety but also consistent processes that produce high-quality goods to keep up with your customer demands.

Custom Content For Consumer Goods Training Topics

Compliance Training

Make Compliance Engaging With Custom Content

Create custom training that reduces violations and stresses the importance of compliance as part of your company culture.

Technical Training

Train Employees To Be Equipment & Process Experts

Create a space where learners have can learn from expertly crafted content and practice their skills within a safe environment.

Health & Safety

Stay In Accordance With Safety Standards Relevant To Your Industry

Train your employees to recognize the risk factors and signs of potential workplace violence and how to stay safe during violent situations.

What Can Immersive Consumer Goods Training Do For You?

Take your first step towards the future of learning and start designing your Consumer Goods training program today!


Introduce your hire to the organization.


Teach your new hire about their role.


Bring your new hire up to full productivity.


Continue long-term career development.

Immerse Your Employees With Blended Learning

Our instructional design experts consult you to create custom blended learning solutions that engage learners, boost knowledge retention, and drive measurable business results.

To address your unique business challenges, our team works with your managers and learning professionals to develop learning objectives specific to your training needs. Then, we create everything you need to conduct consistent training experiences, no matter the facilitator or location.

Accomplish Your Consumer Goods Training Goals

Together, we will set the precedent for compliance, safety, and technical expertise at all levels of your organization through a comprehensive training program.

Revenue growth is marked as the number one objective for consumer goods executives. As a learning and development professional, how can you support this organizational goal?

From safe manufacturing floors to successful team leaders, with a blended training program, you can build a resilient workforce that will help your consumer goods business stay ahead in an industry that is evolving quickly.

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