Getting to Know Roundtable: Aaron Hietanen

This week, we sat down with Roundtable’s Aaron Hietanen to talk about his role, learning & development (L&D), and trends in learning technology he finds interesting.


What does your title mean? What do you do for Roundtable?

As an Extended Reality (XR) Content Developer, I program applications for XR training. I take assets, such as 3D models, sound effects, voice over, and textures, and put them together to build a fully functional program.


How did you get into programming?

I got into programming mainly because both of my parents are programmers and it’s something I enjoy doing. I taught myself programming by watching YouTube videos and completing computer science courses. I also remember buying my first VR headset in high school, the Oculus DK1, so when I found this role, it was a natural fit.


What is a trend in learning technology that’s exciting to you?  

A trend in learning technology that’s exciting to me is the use of VR haptic gloves. While the technology for these gloves is still being developed, they allow learners to complete more realistic gestures and interactions with their training. I’m actually attempting to build my own set of VR haptic gloves.


What would you say is the most important part of building a training program?

The most important part of building a training program is keeping the program organized and flexible so it’s easy to complete revisions.


Finish the sentence. Learning is essential to an organization because…

… everything is always changing and technology is constantly improving.


What is something you have done in this role this year that you are proud of?

I’ve built systems to help organize code, speed up development, and help jumpstart course creation. With these templates and basic scripts, I can code faster and work more efficiently.


What are some interesting facts about you?

-I’ve been programming for about 8 years.
-I’ve traveled to Puerto Rico as part of a college course and visited the Arecibo Observatory.


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