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Learning Through Video: Simulation Training

At this point, we probably don’t have to remind you that video is one of the best training tools– if done well. According to eLearning Industry, “Video-based learning development, delivery, and consumption will continue to grow.” 

Research proves that video boosts attendance for training and learning. It changes the way people learn and increases the learner’s chances for success. It’s also one of the most effective learning tools for any generation. 

Video is the most shared form of content by Baby Boomers, and Millennials’ video consumption is higher than any other age group. Video is a perfect medium for eLearning because it’s proven to boost attendance for training and learning. Learners are likely to watch a short, engaging video before clicking to the next slide in your eLearning course, especially if that video begins playing automatically.

Based on pre- and post-assessments of learners, we know that video helps learners to retain information at a higher level than a slide with text or a PDF handout. Coupled with built-in knowledge checks and measurement tools, knowledge retention from video courses increases even more.

We create simulation training videos using everything from GoPros to 360 Video to help our clients’ learners achieve mastery of their trades. Simulation training, such as the video course we created below, is specifically helpful for teaching new skills to a mobile workforce. 

Almost all industries can benefit from simulation training through video. 

  • Simulations are perfect for teaching complex tasks or abstract processes that are difficult to communicate with just words on a screen. 
  • Using real environments, such as a factory floor, prepares learners to recognize their surroundings quickly. 
  • When combined with interactive simulated tasks, such as the example below, simulation videos create knowledge reinforcement.  
  • Simulations provide the ability to teach hazardous functions in a safe and controlled manner. 
  • Simulations can help you cut costs of in-person or ILT training. Flying your learners to a training environment can quickly become expensive.  In many cases, an immersive eLearning experience with simulation videos can extend the life of your training and save you money. 

Call us, today, if you’d like to learn more about how simulation training can save money, enhance safety and efficiently, and build a smarter workforce. 

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