Augmented Reality

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Training That’s Impossible to Ignore

AR overlays information onto the world as it is. With AR, you can spotlight a single skill, object, or topic, drawing learners’ attention to exactly what they need to learn. A mesmerizing kind of microlearning, AR is a means to addressing specific skills gaps and increasing retention while delivering experiences your learners will love.

Use AR to close skills gaps in manufacturing, boost retail sales, and give field service and repair workers on-demand job aids.

Whether your organization needs to develop technical skills like maintenance and repair or upgrade its onboarding programs and change management initiatives, AR is a solution that captivates all generations of workers.

Experiential learning can reduce the cost of training and enhance engagement and productivity, allowing you to build a smarter, more skilled workforce.

iPad screen with a 360-video scenario applied

AR Solutions

Learners can scan real-world 2D images and overlay 2D video, text, and images or 3D objects on it. Roundtable builds AR Image Targeting to aid workers on the job, add flavor to onboarding training, or enhance current ILT/eLearning courses.

Your learners can place a 3D model of any object onto a tabletop or floor surface. They may then rotate the object, break the object apart to view internal components, and get detailed information — or even find step-by-step instructions — on how to repair or install the object.

Users can place a 3D model of any object onto a tabletop or floor surface. They can interact with the object and interact with actors (or objects) simultaneously with branched learning.

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