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What is 3DoF (Three Degrees of Freedom)? Less Than 100 Words

Three Degrees of Freedom, or 3DoF, is a virtual reality concept that describes how learners interact with a virtual environment. With 3DoF, learners can:

  • Look left and right
  • Look up and down
  • Pivot left and right

3DoF means learners cannot move throughout the virtual space. However, learners can interact with the environment via gaze control or a laser pointer controller. 3DoF can be useful for practicing job duties that are significant yet sedentary, like navigating difficult conversations with coworkers. 

What is Degrees of Freedom?

If you’re considering virtual reality training, one element you’ll have to consider is degrees of freedom (DoF). DoF describes how a learner can move in a virtual space. There are two DoF classifications. 

3DoF (Three Degrees of Freedom)

With 3DoF, learners become stationary. They can look left and right, up and down, and pivot left and right, but they cannot move throughout the virtual space. Additionally, learners can interact with the environment via gaze control or a laser pointer controller.

6DoF (Six Degrees of Freedom)

With 6DoF, learners retain the three types of movement that 3DoF enables and gain more movement freedom. They can move forward and backward, up and down, and right and left. Learners can observe and interact with objects placed in the environment, just like they would if those objects were real. 

When Should I Use 3DoF VR Training? 

While 6DoF allows learners to practice tasks that require more robust and dynamic movement, you don’t always need it. When used strategically, 3DoF VR training can prove equally useful. It lends itself to 360° video, a type of VR that uses footage of real-world spaces for the virtual environment as opposed to a fully simulated world. It is ideal for practicing soft skills that don’t require employees to be physically active, like navigating difficult conversations with coworkers.

Generally speaking, if 3DoF can accomplish your training objectives efficiently, then you’re safe to use it.   

Should I Get a 3DoF VR Headset? 

While companies do produce 3DoF VR headsets, the best VR headsets offer 6DoF. That said, you should base your decision on the type of VR training you believe you’ll conduct. If you’ll exclusively produce 3DoF VR training, then there’s no need to purchase 6DoF headsets.

However, if there’s even a slight chance that you’ll want 6DoF VR training in the future, the best value lies in purchasing 6DoF headsets, as they accommodate both DoF classifications. As always, a trusted VR training partner can help you make such decisions.

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