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What Is Just-In-Time Training? Less Than 100 Words

Just-In-Time (JIT) training is the concept of on-demand learning that’s provided in times of immediate need. Developed with the principles of microlearning and mobile learning, JIT tools are designed to be accessed quickly and easily comprehended. 

Examples of JIT Training include:

  • A tablet with access to short training videos for field technicians
  • Job aid of common acronyms that can sit on an employee’s desk
  • A Product Knowledge Manual that sales reps can access from their phone

JIT tools allow learners to access key information quickly in a moment of need and immediately apply their acquired knowledge.

Ready to learn more about JIT training? Let’s dive into why it’s important, alongside some examples.

Why Is Just-In-Time Training Important?

Comprehensive training for your employees is important for them to learn the skills needed for their role, but when employees need quick topic/skill-specific training, JIT might be just what you need. JIT training offers an alternative way to learn for your employees that are unable to spend their time participating in traditional training activities.

JIT training follows the principles of microlearning, a methodology of learning that offers information in small, focused amounts. You can see this come through in the content of JIT training – short bursts of information are provided for learners to quickly grasp. 

Rather than having a field technician flip through an entire maintenance manual for a piece of equipment, you can provide them with quick videos that walk through each part of the equipment. This shortens the time it takes them to find the information they need and enables them to provide timely service for their customer.

JIT training can keep your employees productive while ensuring they are acquiring the knowledge they need. This microlearning methodology can help to maintain engagement and ensure long-term knowledge retention when learners can apply what they learn almost immediately as well as referring back to the content as needed.

Examples Of Just-In-Time Training Tools

JIT training can come in many forms – the goal is to meet your learner when they need the content the most. And luckily, with modern technology, we can meet learners almost anywhere!

The following are a few examples of JIT training tools:

  • FAQ pages on a website or intranet
  • Short eLearning modules
  • Videos hosted publicly on YouTube
  • A tablet loaded with instructional videos
  • Job aids that can be printed or downloaded
  • A Product Knowledge Manual that can be accessed digitally

JIT training tools are designed for specific needs and easily transferable knowledge. Think of them as TikTok reels – they are short and convey content to the audience immediately. 

Are You Ready To Adopt JIT Training? 

This article defined JIT tools, their importance, and provided real-life examples. We hope you can get started with JIT training tools today. 

If you’re looking to learn more about JIT training tools, feel free to schedule a meeting and one of our L&D experts will reach out to you! 

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