Custom eLearning Content For Workplace Development

Bring consistent training to your learners whether they are down the hall or across the country. With custom eLearning, your training content will engage employees through videos, animations, and knowledge checks. 

At Roundtable Learning, we partner with organizations to build smart and effective training programs that utilize expert instructional design and technology. As a full-service learning partner, we deliver eLearning training content to help your employees reach their learning objectives.

What Are Custom eLearning Solutions?

eLearning consists of training content hosted online or through a local network and is commonly managed with a Learning Management System (LMS). Content or eLearning modules can come in a variety of formats.

When you work with eLearning content providers, the possibilities are almost endless to engage your learners:

  • Branded Learning Platform
  • Branched Learning
  • Scriptwriting
  • Professional Voice Talent
  • Custom Characters and Graphics
  • Videos
  • Animations
  • Gamification
  • Knowledge Checks

Custom eLearning Solutions for Employee Training

We develop behavior-changing eLearning for areas spanning:

Custom eLearning is most efficient when part of a great blended learning program that engages learners through multiple modalities and touchpoints.

eLearning is not the answer for all training topics. This modality may not be as effective for topics that require a broader, dynamic environment and hands-on practice – for those topics, we recommend a virtual reality modality.

Learning Reinforcement With Show, Try, Test eLearning

Give your learners the ability to learn and practice learning objectives with this eLearning trend. Show, Try, Test eLearning activities are completely customizable - you can recreate websites, software user interfaces, and more.

This approach effectively reinforces learning content by allowing participants to watch and then practice learning objectives, ensuring they’re retaining key information.

Walk your learners through the steps, allow them to try on their with prompts, then test their retention.

Try the demo for Show Me, Try Me, Test Me eLearning today!

Cost of Corporate eLearning Programs

There is no one right choice when you are building an eLearning program. Our experts work with you to build the perfect custom eLearning program for your employees. Whether your learners are reviewing straightforward concepts or working through complex learning paths, our customized solutions will fit your business needs.

Roundtable Learning employs a team of instructional designers, video editors, graphic designers, and project managers to develop custom content for your learners. We offer three service levels along with advanced features to help your build the perfect eLearning program:

Level One


Client Branding

Standard Knowledge Checks

Embedded Client Video

Text to Speech Narration

Standard User Interface and Buttons

Level Two

offerings of Level One plus...

Professional Audio Narration

Choice of One Voice Talent

Stock Graphics

Animated Video

Interactive Knowledge Checks

Up to 5 Customized Slide Templates

Level Three

offerings of Levels One and Two plus...

Custom Graphics
Custom Animations
Animated Video
Custom User Interface
Custom Interactions
Up to 10 Customized Slide Templates
Branched Learning
Advanced Degree of Interactivity

Sally Beauty Product Knowledge eLearning

Sally Beauty store associates needed to be able to help their customers find and purchase the correct hair color products needed to create a successful in-home coloring experience. 

Through gamified training, Sally Beauty helped boost employees’ product knowledge and confidence with customer interaction.

Working With The eLearning Experts

No matter your training needs, our instructional designers will work closely with you to understand your audience and clarify your learning objectives. Our graphic design and media teams will take it from there, building custom eLearning training that engages your learners and elevates employee performance to new heights.

By leveraging existing devices and internet access, we can work together to develop an eLearning training program that you can easily scale to accommodate your entire business. Let’s see how eLearning can reach all of your employees.

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