Effective Video Learning for Workplace Development

Some things are easier shown than said. With video learning, you can convey knowledge that is otherwise difficult to explain. Through video, you can connect learners to subject matter experts, organizational leadership, and colleagues from around the world. 

At Roundtable Learning, we partner with organizations to build smart and effective training programs that utilize expert instructional design and technology. As a full-service learning partner, we deliver video learning solutions to help your employees reach their learning objectives.

What is Video Learning?

Video learning is when workplace training content delivered through video modules. Whether you have one video or an entire learning series, video learning is effective when you want to provide consistent training to your entire workforce.

At Roundtable Learning, we go beyond the traditional corporate training videos you might imagine. To achieve effective video learning, you must infuse videos with instructional design elements like interaction, knowledge checks, and graded assessments.

Some video learning examples include:

Keep in mind that video learning may not be the best fit for every training topic, for abstract concepts like soft skills, we recommend a more immersive experience, which you can achieve with ILT or virtual reality. 

Our professional multimedia team will ensure that you have high-quality video and motional graphics while our instructional designers ensure your video-based learning meets your objectives.

What Are The Benefits of Video Learning?

Immediately Boost Engagement

When you add video training to your learning program, you can expect an immediate boost in engagement. Capturing and maintaining your learners’ focus are key ingredients to driving behavior change. Video-based training does precisely that.

Significantly Improve Performance

Video learning can dramatically impact employee performance, mainly when you use it to exemplify technical and repetitive processes. We produced award-winning video learning for a client whose warehouse associates then registered a:

  • 10% increase in total pallets produced
  • 7% increase in pallets made per hour
  • 50% decrease in workers’ compensation claims

Scale Effective Video Training Company-Wide

Once you create video learning, you can scale it throughout your business with ease. Learners can take video training on their schedule or view it with a group.

How Do You Make Effective Video Learning?

We believe that video learning works best when it's used as part of a blended learning program. Blended Learning has become popular with learning and development because people learn differently; some people may want to engage face-to-face with others, while some may want to take their time alone.  

Here are a few key components for effective video learning:

Instructional Design Foundation - Effective video training is built on a solid instructional design foundation. Storyboarding through your learning objectives and pairing with learner activities will ensure your learner retain their knowledge.

High-Quality Video - You can create great videos on your iPhone, but nothing matches the value of high-quality high and motion graphics for your training program. Additional equipment such as teleprompter, professional lighting and even 360º cameras can make a high difference.

Proper Training Applications - Whether you choose to host your videos online, embed in an eLearning, or share through your internal network, our technology experts will make sure that you have the file you need.

Roundtable Learning will work with your training team to design a blended learning program that will make the most impact for your learners based on your training material.

Superior Beverage Warehouse Associate Video Learning

Superior Beverage partnered with Roundtable Learning to create a series of nine training videos, which developed into a measurable, award-winning video learning program with a custom VR component.

As a result, Superior saw significant improvements in warehouse safety, productivity, and cost of training.

Working with the Video Learning Experts

No matter your training needs, our instructional designers will work closely with you to understand your audience and clarify your learning objectives. Our multimedia team will take it from there, building custom video learning that engages your learners and translates to on-the-job performance.

We can work together to develop a video-based training program that you can quickly scale to accommodate your entire business. Let’s bring the power of video learning to all your employees.

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