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Project Management Software and your LMS

If you’ve been through an LMS (or really any other software) implementation, you know that waiting is the hardest part. That’s especially true when you’re not sure how your vendor is progressing or where your LMS is on the priority list, despite being on the phone with you vendor 17-odd times a day. 

We want to upend that model and keep the wait from frying you and your team. 

Imagine your LMS implementation as a digital pizza tracker. What if, in real time, you could watch your LMS being built, integrated, and launched? What if the second you “placed your order” you could watch your LMS be handled carefully and efficiently by your LMS vendor? 

With Roundtable, you can. From our first conversations with clients, we assign a project manager, learning solutions advisor, and technical support specialist to every project. We also give clients access to project management software we use, so they can see where their new LMS is during every phase of implementation. 

This site is free to clients and is managed by a Roundtable Project Manager. The project site holds all project information specific to clients’ LMS and is the ‘one-stop-shop’ for all project milestones, files, messages, and tasks.

Here’s how this tool benefits our clients:

1. Secure File Transfer and Versioning

Versioning a file allows you to post multiple versions to the site without worry of losing the previous version. During the Planning Window of LMS projects, it’s imperative that all parties have a single location for file storage and that those files and mock-ups be easily tracked.  With versioning capability, Roundtable tracks any file changes and new uploads while still keeping the previous versions available for downloading or viewing. 

2. Easy Project Progress Review 

Milestones show the road map for the project moving forward and provide a snapshot to stakeholders. Milestones can also be assigned so that clients can track their own project-related items in the same site as the Roundtable project.  

For instance, if while implementing a Roundtable LMS, your company would like to create a new branding strategy, your Roundtable Project Manager can help create Milestones specific to that new branding project in the LMS project site. This allows you to plan for both the LMS project and branding project in one place. 

3. Task Management 

The Roundtable Project Management Office can assign tasks to the project team in an area that clearly displays them for easy tracking. The site also allows for subtasks, time-tracking, file upload to a task, and full message threads on specific tasks. All these features ensure that clients are always able to see the project details in an easy-to-navigate site.

4. Comments and Messaging

No more digging through emails. Roundtable utilizes the Project Management Messaging tab and comments to ensure that all communications are tracked and easy to reply to. Any time Roundtable sends a design mock-up or other document, clients can make comments directly on the file. Mock-up changes and versions are also all tracked in one easily-accessible place.  

5. Contact Info

The project site houses all the contact information for anyone on the project. This one location can make it much easier to reach out to someone as there’s no need to dig through emails or create a contact list. Feel free to ask your Roundtable Project Manager to create additional contacts to track your own vendors as needed.

Call us, today, to learn more about how we track LMS projects for you from start to finish. 

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