Custom eLearning Content For Workplace Development

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Not Your Average eLearning

Bring the training materials to your learners whether they are down the hall or across the country. With custom eLearning, your training content will engage employees through videos, animations, and knowledge checks.

At Roundtable Learning, we partner with organizations to build smart and effective training programs that utilize expert instructional design and technology. As a full-service learning partner, we deliver eLearning training content to help your employees reach their learning objectives.

What is eLearning? Everything You Need To Know

Custom eLearning Solutions for Employee Training

eLearning is not the answer for all training programs. eLearning may not be as effective for topics that require a broader, dynamic environment to make sense of them, such as soft skills or sales training – for those topics, we recommend a virtual reality modality.

Custom eLearning is most efficient when it is part of a great blended learning program that engages learners through multiple modalities and touchpoints.

We develop behavior-changing eLearning for areas spanning:

  • Technical Training (manufacturing, repair, assembly)
  • Operations Training (machine operation, logistics, point-of-sale transactions)
  • Safety Training (protocol, safe handling of delicate equipment or materials)
  • Product Knowledge Training (retail associates, sales teams, educating customers)
  • Onboarding Training (sharing company history, acquainting new hires with the workplace)


Advantages of eLearning for Workplace Training

Many eLearning programs need an initial start-up cost, but you can increase your return on investment rather quickly when you run more students through an eLearning program. When you host your eLearning online, employees can access the content anywhere with internet access, saving your organization travel and training costs.

Employees can take part in eLearning when it’s convenient for them, after hours, between meetings, or even on weekends. In addition, instructors can create content on their own schedule and post it to your eLearning platform.

Whether you are utilizing synchronous or asynchronous style, the best advantage to eLearning is that you can utilize eLearning platforms from anywhere. Whether you have employees down the hall or across the globe, they can have the same training experience.