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Not Your Average eLearning

Some companies don’t have the bandwidth, resources, or design and technical expertise to deliver eLearning that improves performance.

If that sounds familiar, know that it no longer needs to be the case. You supply the raw information you want to convey, and our instructional designers, scriptwriters, graphic designers, multimedia specialists, and voice actors transform it into the effective, convenient training you need. Our eLearning modules are tailor-made to be part of your learners’ busy schedules — not a disruption to them.

Our learning team strategically designs curricula to achieve your learning goals and bring the best out of your workforce.

With custom branding, characters, illustrations, and functionality, your learners will be more engaged than ever before. We can serve as an extension of your team to any degree you need, offering responsive support throughout the eLearning development process, as well as during and after deployment. Whether you need voiceover or script updates, or if you need a new set of courses created from scratch, we’re ready to make your learning more engaging, sustainable, and accessible — three essential ingredients in a culture of continuous learning.

eLearning Solutions

Send your learners on a journey of their own choosing. In custom branched scenarios, the outcomes depend on your learners’ decisions. Thus, your learners become active participants in the training, allowed to experience the consequences of their choices — good and bad — in a no-risk environment. Each decision produces new challenges and more choices, making the eLearning unpredictable, enjoyable, and educational.

If an eLearning course alone can’t rectify a performance issue, perhaps you need to include a job aid or supplement the digital experience with ILT or an AR experience. Our learning team won’t only determine what additional solutions you need, but it will create instructionally sound resources for you to deploy, and it will help to facilitate any training your organization requires.

Learners connect more deeply with characters who they can see themselves in; generic stock art rarely achieves that phenomenon. Show your learners you care and are aware of their day-to-day jobs — their environment, their uniforms (if any), and their equipment. Custom characters and animations make eLearning courses feel authentic to your organization and keep learners engaged.

Friendly competition keeps your learners coming back for more. We’ll create gamified-scenarios and interactions within the eLearning to drive completion and enforce retention.

As the workforce grows more global, don’t let language barriers negatively impact performance. Working with trusted language experts, we've translated eLearning modules into more than 38 languages and dialects for clients. Make sure your performance objectives are never lost in translation.

eLearning is only as strong as the results you measure. Take advantage of our objective-focused knowledge checks and assessments to ensure your learners make the progress you desire. We design each measurement tool to suit the style of the course and the quality of the content. We’ll work with you to understand exactly what you want to measure and will build the course around your objectives.

Expertly branded eLearning goes a long way with learners; make sure your brand’s voice shines through the content — literally. Choose from a variety of Roundtable voice artists to narrate your eLearning and bring it to life. During the Discovery phase of a project, we'll work with you to understand your brand voice, your intended delivery, and your style preferences. Then, we'll provide you with options for voice, music, and more.

Your eLearning should be carefully crafted to cause the behavior change you want to see in your learners. With Roundtable, your SMEs work with our instructional designers and script writers to conceptualize a learning experience based on your learning objectives. After a clear vision is established, our writers create story-rich scripts from scratch that guide the eLearning course from start to finish. We can also polish your existing scripts.

Reach out today for custom eLearning that is unmistakably yours.

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