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Top Benefits of Upgrading Your Courses to Storyline 360

As Storyline 360 celebrates its first birthday this month, we want to celebrate, too. Last November, when Articulate launched Articulate 360, our design team couldn’t wait to get its hands on Storyline 360. It’s an upgraded version of Storyline 2 that’s equipped with a responsive player, touchscreen gesture support, and mobile-friendly playback. 

Because of these new features, we recommend that our clients upgrade their Storyline 2 eLearning courses to 360. 

Here are a few benefits of upgrading: 

Responsive Player 

Perhaps the best reason to upgrade your courses is Storyline 360’s responsive player, which dynamically adapts to tablet and smartphone screens. It allows your learners to take courses on every device, without having to zoom in on tiny navigation buttons. The player hides sidebar menus, eliminates browser distractions, and provides playback controls optimized for every screen size and orientation. There’s no need to adjust your course for various device breakpoints, as the responsive player in 360 does all the work. 

Internet-based QA

Storyline 360 includes Articulate Review, which eliminates the mistake-riddled process of sending marked-up screenshots via email. The collaborative, web-based program allows you to simply upload your course and share the link with your content vendor or internal stakeholders. Your subject matter experts (SMEs), training managers, and content designers can see the latest version, make in?context comments, and comment on existing threads. 

Frequent Updates

If your courses were made in Storyline 2, they won’t have the longevity you’ll need to keep your learners engaged and up-to-date. Storyline 360 offers frequent updates to give your courses greater staying power and better functionality. 

If your learning and development team has the bandwidth and Storyline licenses to upgrade your courses to 360, we highly recommend it. If you’re too busy with the new courses you need to build, or simply don’t have the time and resources to tackle an upgrade, we can help. 

Our design team works in Storyline 360 every day to build beautiful, responsive courses for our clients. We’re happy to take your Storyline 2 files and upgrade them to 360. We can even help with any custom interactions that may get lost in the transition, and we can edit courses that you haven’t had time to update. We also offer Storyline 360 training to clients who want to master the program so that they can make their own edits and course upgrades. 

Call us to learn more about upgrading your courses to Storyline 360 and how we can help! 

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