Video Learning

Watch and Learn

In some cases, especially those that are rich in complexity, learners need to see exactly how a process unfolds to gain understanding.

Video-infused learning is a natural response to such circumstances. With Roundtable’s video capabilities, you can immerse learners in simulation videos that clearly demonstrate complicated processes and techniques, as well as build superior soft skills. You can even use our post-production team to record your ILT sessions and repurpose them as ROI-boosting, interactive eLearning.

Take the immersion even further with 360° video.

We’ll capture professional 360° photographs or videos and fill them with interactive hotspots where learners can access information, images, video clips, knowledge checks, and more. You can choose from a standard set of pre-designed icons, buttons, and layouts, or work with our designers to customize your video experience to your brand. Our 360° video can include branched learning scenarios to engage your learners more deeply.

For fully immersive training, see our VR solutions.

Reach out today to see how video learning or 360° video can transform your business.

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