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What Are CGI Characters? Less Than 100 Words

CGI characters are a form of computer-generated animated models. CGI characters are created digitally, and they can be customized, edited, or repurposed at any time. This results in quick development cycles – developers can adjust preexisting CGI characters for different purposes. 

Using CGI characters in your virtual reality (VR) training allows learners to acquire skills faster while retaining their engagement. This is accomplished by providing learners with training content from two modalities; an interactive background that VR provides, and the interactions that CGI characters provide.

Ready to learn more about using CGI characters for your VR training? Let’s dive into what CGI characters are, how they fit into full VR training, and the four benefits of using these characters within VR training. 

What Are CGI Characters? 

CGI characters are a form of computer-generated animated models. The characters’ interactivity with learners changes depending on the medium it is designed for (video games, VR training). CGI characters are created digitally and can be customized, edited, or repurposed at any time, for any purpose. They can be as simple as Microsoft’s Office Assistant Paperclip, or as complex as a movie character. 

How Are CGI Characters Used For Training?

CGI characters can be used in a full VR environment to enhance learners’ experiences. These characters are customized to meet the needs of the training; they can be repurposed to be proxy avatars in the background, interactive characters that test the skills of your learners, or they can illustrate tasks for learners to observe.

When used properly, CGI characters can serve many purposes for your training activity:

  • Represent customers or coworkers
  • Serve as an activity narrator
  • Be used to demonstrate an activity or job function
  • Assist learners when stuck in an activity with directions or tips
  • Fill out the virtual environment to be more realistic and train learners to ignore distractions


Benefits Of Using CGI Characters In Full VR Training 

There are four major ways that CGI characters can enhance your VR training experience:

  1. CGI Characters Can Fill The Need For Humans – Using CGI characters in a VR training experience allows you to recreate human interactions, on-demand.
  2. CGI Characters Allow For Easy Training Program updates – If you need to update the information your characters say, how the character is dressed, or how the character looks, it can all be done without having to start from scratch. 
  3. CGI Characters Can Increase Learner Engagement – CGI characters assist the learning process because they provide learners opportunities for active engagement. 
  4. CGI Characters Can Safely Emphasize Safety Risks – VR training can use CGI characters and place learners in hazardous situations, instantly conveying to the learners what could happen if safety protocols are not followed.
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