Safety Training for a Safe, Productive Workforce


In 2019, private industry employers reported 2.8 million nonfatal workplace injuries and illnesses.

Your organization has a lot of moving parts, from moving equipment and machinery to employees bustling around – and it’s your job to keep everyone safe. With a blended learning program, you can prepare your employees by training on proper safety procedures and immerse them in true-to-life scenarios to practice their decision-making in stressful situations.

At Roundtable Learning, we’ll evaluate your unique work environment to develop learning experiences that establish a safe, productive workforce.

Custom Content For All Safety Training Topics

Equipment Safety

From basic functions to personal protection, comprehensive training material for your organization’s machinery and equipment is critical.

Workplace Violence

Train your employees to recognize the risk factors and signs of potential workplace or domestic violence and how to stay safe during violent situations such as active shooter or armed robbery.

Workplace Injuries

Many workplace accidents and injuries are preventable with proactive training. Topics such as proper body movements, vehicle-related procedures, trips, and falls.

Environmental Safety

Environmental safety training can vary depending on industries – from material storage to electrical safety and even general office safety.

What Can Immersive Safety Training Do For You?

Take your first step towards the future of learning and start designing your safety training program today!

What Can Immersive Safety Training Do For You?

Take your first step towards the future of learning and start designing your safety training program today!


Introduce your hire to the organization.


Teach your new hire about their role.


Bring your new hire up to full productivity.


Continue long-term career development.

Immerse Your Learners With Blended Learning Diversity Program

Our instructional design experts advise on the perfect blended learning solution to engage learners and boost knowledge retention for measurable business results.

Our team will work with your managers and learning professionals to develop learning objectives to solve your business challenges, then create everything you need to conduct consistent training experiences – no matter the facilitator or location.

Accomplish Your Safety Training Goals

Our experts are here to help familiarize workers with your safety protocols and give them risk-free environments to practice safe work habits.

Roundtable Learning will help you inspire a workforce of proactive safety advocates who look out for one another and reinforce your protocols every day, whether the focus is office safety, operational safety, or OSHA compliance.

Our approach is to evaluate your unique work environment, processes, equipment, and job functions to develop learning experiences and performance support materials that establish an appreciation for safety and a safe, productive workforce.

A comprehensive extended reality (XR) training program can help alleviate the risks involved with training in high-risk industries. XR training programs can offer the following benefits to high-risk industries:

  • Protect property and assets
  • Reduce the number of learner mistakes
  • Realistic skills practice
  • Ensure long-term knowledge retention